N to the J

Oh boy, I have so much to tell you all about my trip to New Jersey. But first, can I tell you what I just did? As in just did less than 10 minutes ago and my face is still red from the embarrassment? (And also from sunburn from the previously mentioned NJ trip, but more about that later.)

So, my responsibilites at work changed recently and now I am working on a new (huge) project (with lots of responsibility and visibility and other business sounding words) which means that I work with this guy who is both incredibly smart and incredibly nice, while also being  incredibly intimidating to me (probably because of the smart and the nice). So I walk into his office with Co-worker and we notice that he has a new lamp, one of those ones that is tall with the bowl-like shade, like this one. Co-worker comments that the lamp should be turned ON, as lamps usually are, and Very Smart Man says that it takes a special bulb and he doesn’t have any of that kind of light bulb.

So I, trying to be nice, say that I have a lamp that takes special light bulbs, and I happen to have some at my desk, and let me just check to see what kind of bulb it is, and because the lamp is tall I have to lean it down so that I can peer into the top and that is when the (heavy) (glass) cover falls off. And shatters. On me.

In case you are not getting the picture, let me reiterate that not only have I now broken this man’s new lamp, but the glass shattered because of the force with which it hit my body. (Um, ouch.) It did not merely fall to the floor and shatter. And there is now glass EVERYWHERE. And I am so freaking embarrassed. Luckily, other than deep shame, I experienced no further injury, and hopefully the glass shards will come out of his carpet. Oops.

So anyway. New Jersey. Was awesome. The end.

Oh, but I kid. It was awesome though. We left on Wednesday night and made very good time getting to Liz’s house. We hung out for a while before giving in to exhaustion and calling it a night.

On Saturday, we went to the Philly Zoo, where we saw:




 Tigers! (And even tiger cubs, which are pretty darn cute.)


And… well, I didn’t get a picture of any bears. But here’s one of an elephant.

It was fun and a great day to see the animals, since apparently they are happy when it is overcast and drizzly. Actually, we were too, because when the sun actually did come out, it was hot as balls. Luckily we were pretty much ready to leave at that point.

On Friday, we went to the beach.


Guess what color I am now! I’ll give you a hint: it’s not tan. It’s my own fault though, for being a jackass about reapplying. We walked really far down the beach, far away from where the sunblock was, and while I could have stopped and shelled out 20 bucks for some new, overpriced sunblock, I remained stubborn and frugal. And now I am paying for it. With PAIN.

On Saturday, Matt and I stuffed ourselves in a local Jersey diner, and then we hung out with Liz and Matt a little more before they had to head for the airport. We hit the road at that point, and remember when I said that we made really good time on the way down? Yeah, no so much on the way back. Let’s just say that the GW bridge can officially bite me and our original prediction of getting home at 6:45 became 9:45 which equals OMG GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR NOW. But we made it, and we spent Sunday relaxing and doing various chores and now it is Monday and I am back at this hellhole my place of employment.

The trip was awesome. If I had one complaint though (besides the traffic on the way home, and the sunburn, and the fact that I cut the bottom of my foot at the beach) it would be that Matt wasn’t exactly as social as I would have liked him to be. I feel like Liz and her Matt didn’t really get to know him, which dissapoints me because I really wanted them to know him and like him and see what I see in him. I certainly don’t think that they disliked him, and I should know by now that he does not deal well with new people, and it takes him a while to warm up to people, and I’m not trying to change him, but… but… it made me a little bit sad. Especially because he has thrown me in a million situations with his family and friends where I have fended for myself and been social and ended up having a good time and getting to know people – I wish he could have done the same. But like I said, I’m not going to change him, so I need to accept it and hope that Liz and Matt saw that he really is nice and smart and funny underneath an initially antisocial attitude.

If there was one high point of the trip, it was when Liz and I had a few minutes to sneak upstairs and read old notes from high school. We were champion note passers and we found some real gems. It was especially interesting to decipher the codes and nicknames that we used – I remember thinking that I would never forget all of our nicknames for people but wouldn’t you know it took me a good 5 minutes to remember who “The Commie” was. Oh, we were so mature. But clearly I haven’t grown up at all since I found it to be freaking hilarious.

Good times. Good times.



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3 responses to “N to the J

  1. Liz

    You had more energy than I did to write such a long post – perhaps I’ll feel up to it tomorrow. I like the pictures. And I’m really glad I wasn’t in the car with you although my flight out of Philly was delayed by 2.5 hours so I wasn’t thrilled about that either.

    Matt and I had a good time meeting Matt. I could tell he was kind of uncomfortable with a large crowd of people he didn’t know but that’s a lot to handle. He seemed much more relaxed during gametime. It is hard to be with a big group of new people and you and I are so dazzling, he probably felt overwhelmed. That happens to people when you and I are together!

  2. -R-

    Oh, the story of the lamp shattering ON you… hilarious! Obviously, I am sorry that it happened to you, but it is still hilarious.

    It’s too bad Matt wasn’t his normal self, but I’m sure it was fine. I can commiserate though, as my husband frequently does the same kind of thing.

  3. I *love* the Philly Zoo! Did you see the giraffes too? Tell me you did! Even if you didn’t!

    Sorry about the lamp shatter, though. That sounds…um…ouch. On many levels.

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