Tomorrow! Tomorrow! (Must sing title, Annie-style.)

Today I am at work and it is boring and I stubbed my toe getting out the tub and now I have a bruise on my toe which is weird and then later I am getting a haircut and then going home to play Wii and work out and watch some crappy TV and maybe read too but none of that matters because today is boring but tomorrow! Tomorrow I get to see Liz.

Tomorrow Matt and I are driving down to New Jersey, to the town that Liz and I grew up in. She will be there visiting her family and I took this as a sign that I should go pretend that I am part of their family like I did in high school. Luckily Liz thinks that this is a good idea too and so she won’t mind when I show up and demand that we play board games and braid each other’s hair just like we did in high school (except that now we are old enough to drink wine).

This will also be the first time that we meet each other Matts. (Yes, her fiance’s name is Matt, too.) I kind of feel like I already know her Matt from the descriptions that she has given, and I bet she feels like she knows my Matt both from talking to me and from reading this blog. But that won’t stop me from giving him the hairy eyed once over to make sure that he is good enough for my Liz.

I hope the Matts like each other but I’m really not even sure it will matter since they’ll both be too dazzled by the power that is the Liz and Rebecca combination to think of anything else. I’m sure we’ll all get along splendidly though, and anyone who looks as though he/she is not having a good time will be fixed right up with a glass of wine and possibly a new braid in his/her hair.

We are planning to go to the Philly Zoo at some point, which is very exciting to Matt because he grew up in Massachusetts where the only zoos are L.A.M.E. (Seriously – one lion? And some crappy birds?) We are also planning to go the Jersey shore – originally Matt balked at this because neither of us particularly love the beach, but then I explained to him that the Jersey shore is not like any other beach and it is entirely possible to amuse yourself for an entire day without ever setting foot in sand or water. There will be arcades! And mini-golf! And crappy little shops to go into and make fun of their crappy little merchandise!

I am so excited to see Liz, and to meet her Matt, and also to see Liz’s family, especially her mom. (She’s a really great lady and when I tell Liz that she is turning into her mother I always mean it as a really good compliment.) Basically, it will be 100% pure awesomeness.


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  1. allthepretties

    OH! Good for you! That sounds FABulous. I hope you have a super great time and that the Matts behave!! Have fun fun fun!

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