Can you hear me now?

I finally got a chance to activate my new cell phone last night. My old one had been dying a slow and painful death for a few months now – the speakerphone stopped working, then the alarm, then the ringer quit, and finally the screen started flickering ominously. So I ordered a new one for free, thanks to Verizon’s ‘new every two’ dealie and company discounts.

When did I become that person who abhors the thought of extra features in a gadget? I’m not some fuddy duddy – I grew up with computers, dammit! I could program a VCR when I was 2! And I eagerly gave up said VCR with the introduction of DVD’s and TiVo. And yet… this phone… it has SO MANY BUTTONS.

I don’t need a camera in my phone – I deliberately purchased a digital camera that is small enough for me to carry it everywhere. I also don’t need it to play music, because hello, iPod. And why on earth would I need it to play news and music video clips?? Isn’t that what a TELEVISION is for? I need my phone to be a PHONE. To make PHONE CALLS.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, because it was free. And I could have actually gotten a phone without so many features (also for free) but the reviews indicated that those cheaper (retail price because remember, free) phones were also cheaper quality and if there is one thing I can’t stand it is not being able to hear anyone while on my phone. Because in addition to being a technology hating old bag, I am also apparently HARD OF HEARING.



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3 responses to “Can you hear me now?

  1. I agree with the worthless features on phones, etc. I do not need six gazillion demo games to come preloaded on my phone. Or a calendar. Do people really use their phone as a calendar (blackberries excused)?

    And what great things do I need to do when I come to Boston?

  2. SalemHouse

    I feel really old: VCRs existed when you were just 2? I guess I really am middle-aged now. Sigh.

  3. Haha, so two might have been a slight exaggeration – although I honestly don’t know when VCR’s came out so I can’t say for sure…

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