Holding up my middle finger at life in general.

You know what? I’m in a really craptastic mood. I know – this is a common occurance. But for once, I think I’m highly justified in this sentiment.

First – do you want to know what really sucks? What really sucks is when you’ve been doing work WAY above your level since, I don’t know, JANUARY and yet no one will give you a raise even though they all agree you deserve one and now there is a hiring freeze but there’s also been a re-org so your co-worker got moved to a different team without anyone even asking her and now you also get to both her job and yours for the same amount of money.

You know what ELSE sucks? Going to your boyfriend’s cousin’s bridal shower and having every single person there ask you at least twice when you are getting married. Umm, possibly never after the way your son/cousin/brother reacted to my griping about the work situation. But guess what! It’s none of your goddamn business anyway! So how ’bout you bite me?

OR, you know what is really incredibly awesome? Having one of your boyfriend’s relatives lecture you about the fact that you are going to visit your best friend  in the town you grew up in but you haven’t told your family that you are going to be there. First of all, how the hell did you entrap me in THAT particular conversation? Second, what on earth gave you the idea that it was OK to lecture me about it? You can bite me, too.

This week is on notice. Something GOOD better happen – and we’re talking lottery ticket good, not just good hair day good – to make up for this bullshit.



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3 responses to “Holding up my middle finger at life in general.

  1. YUCK! I’m so sorry about your craptastic week (and it’s only MONDAY). And why do people feel they are entitled to ask about when you’re getting engaged/married/having kids/buying a house/getting a job/etc? NONE of your business.

    Also, too many capped words in the comment. Apologies.

  2. Liz

    Who exactly do they think is responsible for doing the proposing? I’m with you 100 percent. And your man should tell his family how inappropriate their comments are. Also, I don’t think they should lecture you about not telling your family that you’re going to be in the area. It’s none of their business. You have every right to be angry – I’m angry on your behalf.

  3. I’m going to my sister’s wedding in less than two weeks, which will make me the last remaining single person in my entire extended family (I have one bajillion cousins.) I will be keeping a tally of how many times I get asked when I’m getting married/hear it pointed out that I’m the last one. I will also, I assume, be drinking heavily.

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