Topics for Discussion

Topic: Who dresses Cat Deeley? On Wednesday she was dressed for a toga party; last night she was playing the part of Thumbelina. (Except that she is 7 feet tall.) Discuss.

Topic: Why are 4 out of 5 of the elevators in this wing of the building broken? Why is the stairwell so damn hot? Why do the broken elevators directly coincide with the time that I need to go to many different floors of this building? Discuss.

Topic: Why did my workout on Monday leave me with some kind of pulled muscle type thing, resulting in, quite literally, a pain in my ass? (OK, so it’s really a pain in the upper part of the back of my leg, which I think is a hamstring, but whatever.) Discuss.

Topic: Is it wrong if I just get a gift card for Matt’s cousin’s bridal shower gift? Because honestly, I just cannot be bothered with your damn registry. Plus, they sell Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards at Stop and Shop and then I don’t have to worry about what if I get you some towels, but then you also registered for some washcloths and do I look cheap if I don’t get you those too? But since your damn towels already cost me fifty bucks I really don’t think  need to get you some washcloths. And do you really need new towels? JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOUR TOWELS DON’T WORK ANYMORE.  Geez. Discuss.



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3 responses to “Topics for Discussion

  1. Heh. I was cool with Cat Deeley’s Wednesday night outfit, and in fact last night’s outfit was fine too. But her hairstylist seemed to have somehow confused So You Think You Can Dance? with Superstar Hair Challenge (or whatever it’s called), wherein she must have thought the challenge was to incorporate random objects into the hairstyle. It wasn’t working for me. Props to Cat for having the balls to wear it onstage without appearing embarrassed or cracking any jokes about it.

    Also… gift card is fine. If I was the bride in question (and I am A bride-to-be…) I would be thrilled with being able to use the gift card to pick out whatever I want the most.

  2. Liz

    Sounds like a hamstring or a lower glute muscle of some sort. You could just lay off it for a few days – I imagine it will go away quickly with a little rest. I know it will be hard, but no squats or lunges for a few days…

    And get her a gift certificate – it’s the way of the future.

  3. allthepretties

    Ha! I always think Cat looks like something out of Extreme Model Makeover, where the crew has a two foot piece of material, and is set to the task over covering up a 6’4″ beanpole blonde.
    And, a gift card is good nuf. They should be happy anyone is getting them anything! No, really. I never look at the registry. Mostly because it was obvious no one looked at mine!

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