Got my dancin’ shoes…

Matt and I have been taking dance lessons for a little over a year now, but we’d never bothered to buy real ballroom dance shoes. They’re pretty expensive, and most of the time the types of shoes I wear to work are OK for dancing in. Also, Matt was afraid that they’d make him look like a total sissy (and really, many of the styles of men’s shoes are not what you’d call macho).

Well since we’ve been learning more advanced things, our instructor strongly recommended that we buy ballroom shoes. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but finally this weekend we went to a local dance store and decided to make the leap. Of course, I had to try on 30 pairs to find some that fit and were comfortable and weren’t completely ugly. Matt bought the first pair he tried on.

But, even though I had to try on many pairs, I am truly a believer now. The shoes I bought are strappy black sandals with a stiletto heel – shoes that would normally leave me hobbling after walking for 5 minutes, let alone dancing for hours. They are made to be really light, but they have some kind of metal that runs through the bottom of the shoe that makes them supportive and flexible. At least that’s what they claim – all I care about is that they don’t hurt, and my ankles don’t turn despite the stiletto factor.  Lo, it is a miracle.

They also have suede soles, which seemed strange but actually helps you to turn really easily. You have to be really careful with them though (no walking outside, or on basically any surface other than dance floor or carpet).

Anyway, I know this is a really boring entry, but I’m pretty excited about my special new shoes!



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2 responses to “Got my dancin’ shoes…

  1. allthepretties

    Oh, I get you. I don’t dance (well I DO, but only after I watch SYTYCD, and I think that I actually CAN..)
    But, I think its awsome that you have shoes that were meant to be danced upon! Kick butt for you!

  2. Liz

    Isn’t it weird that men can usually wear the first pair of shoes they try on? I always have to try on a bunch of pairs before I find one that’s comfortable. Are men’s shoes just nicer to feet?

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