Will you HURRY UP already?

Have you finished Harry Potter yet? Because I have, but I know the wrath that I will incur if I give anything away. So I won’t.

But I will say that I loved it. I bought it on Saturday morning, and was super pissed that I had to like, be social and stuff and like, go to a barbecue and then to a friend’s party, and geez, why can’t you just leave me alone so I can read?

So I started it late on Sunday morning. With breaks for lunch and for the doing of laundry and running a few errands… I was done by 6:30. Am freak, no? But I’m glad because I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AND YOU DON’T.

As I e-mailed to Lori this morning, I’m really not a Harry Potter freak… I mean, it’s totally cool if YOU want to dress up and paint your face and show up at midnight… but it’s just not for me. However, I read the first Harry Potter book before they were even popular (based on a random online recommendation) so I feel like I have a bit of a special kinship with Harry. Like, I liked him FIRST, so back off. You know how it is.

I will share one funny conversation that I had with Matt while reading the book, but I promise not to give anything away:

Me: Oh no! So-and-so just died!

(That’s not giving anything away, right? I mean, you had to know that at some point, SOMEONE was going to die…)

Matt: *with absolutely no interest whatsoever* Oh. That’s nice.

Me: No it’s not! It’s sad!

Matt: Well, it’s not called Harry Potter and the Lively Hallows, now is it?

Happy reading, folks!



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4 responses to “Will you HURRY UP already?

  1. I’m on about page 400 right now and I’m DYING to finish it up, but I’m reading it outloud to Bart, blah, blah, blah. . .can’t race to the end. And Matt’s comment is hilarious!

  2. Oh, and what is it about feeling more awesome for liking it first? My mom and sisters and I read the first two before it got really popular and I feel very superior about that. It’s dumb, but there it is.

  3. allthepretties

    I have said that not being a HP fan, and not caring about reading this book is making me a social pariah. You have made this fact even more real to me. Thanks a whole bunch.
    I like HP, I just prefer to watch the movies. You know, cuz of the pikshurs and all…Gah. I read. I really do.
    I DO wanna know who dies though…IM DYING to know.
    My brother will tell me. I will call him now.
    Did you go see the movie?

  4. I saw the first… two? movies, I think. I liked them, but not as much as the books. I think I might have seen the third one on TV, too. Hmmm… don’t remember. Anyway, I think they did a great job with all of the casting, but there was something just a bit ‘off’ for me. I think it was that they can’t possibly squeeze every moment of the books into a two hour movie, and when I watch the movies all I can think about is what parts they left out. I have the same problem with all books-turned-into-movies though… combine that for my feeling of eh-ness for movies in general and you know why I didn’t see the most recent one. 🙂

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