I hope you weren’t expecting something interesting.

I don’t even know why I’m bothering to post, seeing as how I have nothing to say. Work is slowly sucking the life out of me. You know how the windows in the Las Vegas hotels don’t open, and everyone says it’s because the casinos don’t want people who lost all their money to just open up the window and jump out? Yeah, well, the windows in my office building don’t open either. Go figure.

It seems to get like this everyone once in a while, and although for the most part I like my job and the company I work for, it’s tough to remember that when you are drowning in the self-pity that comes with a particularly bad week. I’ve spent a good 4 hours today working on our budget and developing a tool that allows us to respond with intelligent answers when asked, “What do you plan to spend that money on?” only to realize that something is wrong, somewhere in this report, and it shows the total variance correctly in one place but is about three quarters of a million dollars off in another place.

And really, when an extra 20 found in your coat pocket is cause for celebration, do you know how disconcerting it is that they let me do stuff with millions of dollars? That’s a lot of zeroes. It is also disconcerting that I have used the words ‘report’ and ‘variance’ in this post because I AM NOT A NUMBERS PERSON. Although, I am pretty good at spending money, so maybe there is some hope for me after-all. Although, as that Careerbuilders.com commercial said, “I guess buying lottery tickets isn’t a good business plan.” (Remember that one? With the monkeys? And they shine the laser pointers on the guy’s butt? Heh.)

The thing that’s keeping me going today is the promise of another episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight. I still can’t decide who my favorites are, but I might go with Sabra and Dominic. I tend to root for the underdog and I don’t think that they are getting the credit that they deserve. And of course, the Mary Murphy brand of crazy is always entertaining.



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3 responses to “I hope you weren’t expecting something interesting.

  1. I’d much prefer you post than jump out a window. Unless you posted ABOUT jumping out a window. . . 🙂

  2. allthepretties

    I, too, enjoy Sabre and Dom. I want Danny OUT. I hate his stinking guts.
    And, yes. Please do not be jumping out any windows.

  3. allthepretties

    Oh. Hey, yeah. This is jen, by the way. Im one of you now. Be nice. I bruise easily.

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