Like a scene out of Psycho…

This weekend was fantastic. On Saturday Matt and I went mini-golfing, and although the place that we went to kind of sucked, we still had a good time. Then we went outlet shopping, which is always fun. We really didn’t buy much but we had such a good time just walking around in the nice weather. We had a late lunch/early dinner outside and it was really nice.

On Sunday, we were going to go hiking but it was pretty hot and humid – I think we’ll try to go next weekend instead. Instead we walked around a bit, hung out, watched baseball, etc. It was pretty relaxing and as usual I was sad to come back to work today.

BUT! As a great addition to a Monday morning, I somehow managed to slip and whack my head in the shower this morning. We have one of those corner shelf things in our shower, and I’m not sure exactly which part I hit my head on, but it hurt like hell. Then a few minutes later, I realized, Hmmm… the water is turning pink. !!! Eek! I guess it’s really true that head wounds bleed a lot becuase this was just a tiny cut but it would not. stop. bleeding. Luckily it’s right behind my hairline so no one can see the giant lump that is also forming. It was an interesting way to start the day though!


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  1. -R-

    I hope your head isn’t hurting too much today. Yikes. And I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend! H was out of town, so I had the whole house (read: the tv) to myself!

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