It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

While driving home on Saturday, listening to the radio. More specifically, listening to an interview on Sirius Hits 1. Which – I pay for radio so that I DON’T have to listen to you talk. And that means YOU, Spyder Harrison. P.S. – Thanks for the world’s most inconvenient link, but I had to show what a massive and complete TOOL you are. (Scroll down and click on DJ’s if you are so inclined.)

Anyway, during the (complete annoying and inane) interview (why oh why didn’t I change the channel), Spyder asked Rhianna what her most expensive shoe purchase had been. I don’t remember the answer specifically, but I do remember that Matt’s jaw dropped and I think he developed a sudden appreciation for my shoe habit. As in – It Could Be So Much Worse.

Matt: They make shoes… that cost… thousands of dollars?

Me: If they’re designer shoes, then yeah, they cost that much.

Matt: But… that’s more than our mortgage payment.

Me: I know, it’s crazy. How much was the most expensive pair of shoes you ever bought?

Matt: I think when I was younger my parents bought me some sneakers that were like a hundred bucks.

Me: Ha! I have never purchased a pair of shoes that cost that much! I think the most I’ve ever spent was like $70. I can’t believe you had more expensive shoes than me.

Matt: Ummm, yeah, but you make up for it in sheer volume.

Me: Oh. Shut up.



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2 responses to “It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

  1. Ha! I just (JUST!) got back from buying a purse that was originally about $35 and was knocked down to $12.99. And I feel a little bad for just buying it, when I don’t neeeeeed another purse.

    Bart should just be grateful I’m not buying Coach or Kate Spade purses, or something.

  2. Rational arguments are stupid.

    Btw, I answered some of your questions today on my blog 🙂

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