Almost forgot to share this gem from the weekend.

The scene: It’s Saturday and Matt and I are at a (large) local shopping center after Mini-Golf Round One of the weekend. 
Matt: *as we pull in to the parking lot* We’re just here to walk around, right? You’re not going to make me go shopping??

Me: Who me? Make you go shopping? No way.

Matt: Unh unh. No shopping. It’s gorgeous outside. We’re going to walk around.

Me: Ok, ok, fine. *We walk around as I try to subtly steer him towards the DSW.*

Matt: Ok, let’s go.

Me: But we didn’t even walk all the way down there yet! *Points vaguely in the direction of DSW.*

Matt:  Oh, ok.

Matt: WAIT A MINUTE. We are NOT going to DSW!!!

Me: Who said anything about going to DSW? Here I am trying to enjoy a nice walk and you try to rush me out of here claiming that I want to go shoe shopping.

Matt: Hmmmm. *Grips my arm tightly as we approach DSW.*

Me: *Suddenly breaks free and lunges for the door.* Shooooeeeeessss!!!

Matt: *Tackles me in midair. Blocks entrance.* I knew you were going to try for it.

Me: Foiled again.

Passersby: *Snicker helplessly.* 


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One response to “Almost forgot to share this gem from the weekend.

  1. -R-

    Drats! You were so close!

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