Quick! Someone send duct tape.

I know all about the bad things that happen to bloggy people who post things about their jobs. I KNOW. But can I just complain, in the most general of terms, about this certain co-worker of mine? (And, if you ever stumble upon my blog, and think you know me in real life, and think I am complaining about you, just rest assured that I think YOU are a ray of sunshine and light. Yes siree.)

So. Being the corporate drone that I am, I work in a cubicle. I also work in an area that is pretty loud. We all play music (although not loud enough that you can hear it from another desk/cube), we all talk on the phone frequently, we all yell over the cube walls to each other, etc. This doesn’t bother me one bit; in fact, I work better when there is a little bit of background noise. In college, I would always have the TV on when I studied – usually either CNN or infomercials. In general, noise is not a problem for me.

But this one co-worker. Oh. My. God. She makes my ears bleed. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard and a dying cat all rolled into one loud, rude human being. She spends all day on personal calls (the best was when she VERY loudly proclaimed, “I’m a cheap, easy date!”), sucks at her job, and tells anyone who will listen all about her husband, kids, etc in neverending detail.

The other annoying thing is that while the rest of us pretty much work our asses off, she comes in late, leaves early, and takes a 2 hour lunch! No one here is a clock watcher, and people pretty much come and go as they please. People come in early if that works for them, leave if they have a doctor’s appointment, etc. So if she left early once in a while, that would be no big deal. But it’s every day, and that’s a little upsetting when you’re working as hard as the rest of us do.

However, the fact that she leaves early does give a welcome reprieve from her squawking. She has been on the phone ALL. DAY. today and I’m about ready to lose my damn mind. This morning it was the electric company and the babysitter; this afternoon it’s been her husband about 97 million times. And let me tell you – I’m very curious to know her husband is like. He’s either a sadist who ENJOYS this type of treatment or he has balls of steel to put up with her crap. Or maybe he just tunes her out? I’m going with option 3.

Either way, I’ve never wished so hard for the phone system to go down. It’s either that or I head over there to gag her because if this keeps up I cannot be held responsible for what I might do.


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