Fall from grace

There are about 3,000 people who work in this office building, so the parking lot is pretty damn big. Because I am a big dork, and also forgetful, I park in the same row in the parking lot every day. If I have to go out at some point in the day, and have to park in a different area when I get back, I will write myself a post-it and stick it to my keys.

I also have a bit of paranoia because there is someone here who has the same exact car as me. Same year, same color, etc. Other than the license plate, there are no other identifiers that can be seen from a distance. So, when I walk up to my car and press the unlock on the remote I always look to make sure that the lights flash, indicating that it unlocked and therefore actually is my very own car.

Last night, as I was leaving, I walked toward my car and observed a man also walking in the same general direction. The car that is the same as mine but not mine was parked in the next row. Of course, I knew that it was not mine because, remember, I park in the same row every day.

Pretty soon it became obvious that the man was headed in a direct line to my car. As he got closer, I was pretty sure that I had finally seen who owned the same as mine but not mine car. My suspicions were confirmed when walked up to my car and pulled on the door handle and then, confused, pressed his unlockly thingie several times before looking up and spotting what was actually his car. He furtively dashed over to his own car while, I’m quite sure, praying madly that no one had seen him.

Of course, this is one of those things that is no big deal when it doesn’t happen to you, but when it does, it haunts you for a long time. Being a natural klutz, I have many such embarrassing memories. I’m sure no witnesses are wondering what happened to the girl who fell down in the middle of the street 5 years ago, but whenever I remember it I cringe.

And so, last night, as I got to my car, I gave silent thanks that for once I was not the one who looked like a complete jackass in public.

Then I promptly tripped over my own damn foot and launched myself directly into the side of my car. Karma’s a bitch, huh.



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4 responses to “Fall from grace

  1. Oh, I’m so the same way – feeling just ill about stupid things I’ve said or clumsy things I’ve done that are from years ago. I’m sure no one else remembers, but I just want to DIE when I think of them.

    Love the story of the guy trying to open your car!

  2. -R-

    Why do I love stories of people embarrassing themselves so much? I have totally done the trip into your own car thing before.

  3. Liz

    My mom drives a silver car that looks like everyone elses and one day she went out to the parking lot, pressed her unlock button, saw lights flash and got in the car. A few seconds later a guy comes up to her and says “Excuse me, you’re in my car.” Sure enough, the guy was leaving at the same time she was and he hit his unlock button at the same time she hit hers. She thought it was her car and just climbed right in. Oh it can happen. We got a good laugh out of that one.

  4. That is hysterical, Liz! I don’t know what I would even say if I saw someone climb right into my car. I guess this is why it’s a good thing to be paranoid!

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