I can’t feel my legs… I HAVE NO LEGS!*

Last night I managed to complete, for the very first time, FOUR of my 10 minute kickboxing segments in a row. I did Basic Training, Arms and Shoulders Sculptor, Washboard Abs, and then, finally, I was able to actually complete the Legs segment. For some reason, I can never complete this one. It is really hard for me, and as proud as I am that I was able to complete it, today I can barely walk. Damn squats and plies.

Anyway, the pain in my legs is nothing compared the the vicious migraine that has wrapped its evil little fingers around the depths of my brain today. Hate. Bring on the drugs! Lots of them! Also, can someone please shut the lights off and STOP MAKING SO MUCH DAMN NOISE? Thanks.

(Random aside: To the person who found my blog by searching “how did pirates get scurvy”, it’s because they were on ships for a long time and didn’t get any fresh fruits or vegetables. Therefore, they got a Vitamin C deficiency, which is what scurvy is. But, you shouldn’t take my word for it, because I’m pretty sure your teacher isn’t going to accept my blog as a reference on whatever report it is that you’re writing. You should go to the Pirate Museum in Salem, Mass. Not that I am a big enough dork to have gone there. Um, more than once. No, sir.)

*Bonus points to anyone who knows what movie that’s from. I don’t even really like the movie but I love that line.



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3 responses to “I can’t feel my legs… I HAVE NO LEGS!*

  1. -R-

    I just got that kickboxing DVD in the mail yesterday, so I shall try it out soon. I got another one in the same 10 minute series that is a dancing workout. I have only tried one segment so far, but it seems good.

    Good job with doing the whole DVD!

    Pirate museum? Sounds interesting.

  2. Sarah

    I think it’s from Can’t Hardly Wait when the nerdy guy gets drunk at the end of the year party. It was on TBS last weekend!

  3. Ding ding! We have a winner! It is from Can’t Hardly Wait, a movie where Jennifer Love Hewitt is possibly at her most annoying. But that is a great line.

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