With sincere hopes that we win the lottery, like, any day now.

Guess what we did this weekend?




Isn’t it nice though? It’s a 2007 Mazda 3, and he got a sun roof, 6 CD changer, remote starter, and built in Sirius. I think his car might be nicer than mine and that makes me a little jealous. Hmph.

Anyway, we spent most of Saturday car shopping and car purchasing. It took forfreakingever to finish the paperwork, which neither of us appreciated since we had consumed a cup of coffee each and not a morsel more all day. By the time we drove out of the lot in Matt’s brand new car, we were so hungry we had to restrain from chewing on the steering wheel. But also so excited because look at that awesome car!

On Sunday we went out and drove around, enjoying the gorgeous day while trying to decide what to do. We ended up playing mini-golf, where I only lost by 3 and never had to use the “mercy rule” which allows you to stop after 6 strokes. If you knew of my previous scores you would agree that this is pretty damn good. I also apparently managed to miss a few spots while applying sunblock on Sunday morning, as I now have a stripe at the top of my forehead and a glorious red patch on my upper arm. It’s really attractive.



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4 responses to “With sincere hopes that we win the lottery, like, any day now.

  1. AWESOME! That is a really nice car – I bet he’s thrilled!

  2. -R-

    Sorry about the sunburn!

    I have a Mazda3 also, and I love it. I am jealous of the sunroof and other amenities!

  3. Liz

    Oooh – that’s awesome! At least you’ll have reliable vehicles for awhile. They sure are pretty.

  4. jen

    Kick butt for you guys!

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