Self Diagnosis (kind of)

So after reading a little bit more, I’m pretty sure it’s not Scurvy. The reason that I am pretty sure is that it seems that scurvy is on the rise because of low carb diets. Apparently, potatoes are a great source of Vitamin C (Scurvy is just Vitamin C deficiency with a fancy name) and people on low carb diets cut them out, leading to them not getting enough Vitamin C.

Of course, the chances of me ever being on a low carb diet are laughable. The chances of me ever cutting out potatoes (I have stopped eating french fries almost completely, but I love love love mashed and baked) are also ridiculous. I also eat oranges and other citrus things (do margaritas count?) so I think I am safe.

Of course, this means that I still don’t know the cause of the mystery bleeding, but at least I do not have to admit to my mother after all these years that she was right when she said I should eat mah damn vegetables.


[Also, it would have been particularly funny if it HAD been scurvy, because not long after Matt and I started dating, we decided to throw a pirate themed party at my apartment. This was before pirates were main stream and cool (ie Jack Sparrow) so we worked really hard to find decorations and costumes (yes, we made everyone dress up) and make grog.

Anyway, after Matt moved in with me we were moving around a bunch of stuff and found the decorations and he asked me if he could decorate this one really small room in our apartment as a pirate room. I jokingly said sure and then went to go take a shower. Needless to say, when I got out of the shower, we had a pirate room. (It was actually our guest room.)  It stayed that way until we moved and I would not let him recreate the pirate room in our new house. But I still think pirates are cool. Yarrrr.]



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2 responses to “Self Diagnosis (kind of)

  1. -R-

    The pirate room sounds so fun! The upstairs guest bathroom in our house is decorated in a sports theme. Guess who got to decorate that room?

  2. jen

    most of the time when I read this? I just get hungry…potatoes….

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