Kind of gross, but also funny.

While driving to work this morning, I suddenly realized that my mouth was full of blood. This was awkward because first of all, I was in the car, where it is not terribly convenient to have a mouth full of blood, and second, why the hell was my mouth full of blood?? I hadn’t bitten my tongue or accidentally jammed a fork/toothbrush/carving knife in there, so there was no reasonable explanation. (Also – it didn’t hurt at all.)

So then I remembered that this had also happened a few weeks ago, right after I had taken some migraine medicine. Since I had also taken some this morning, I thought there might be a correlation. Sounds weird, I know – but this medicine has some strange side effects, so not completely unlikely.

But… I just WebMD’ed this, and apparently, one of the options* is Scurvy.

I know. I KNOW I do not eat particularly healthily. But Scurvy? Am I a pirate? If it turns out that I have Scurvy I will NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT from everyone who has told me that my diet is going to result in malnutrition. At this point I am kind of hoping for a root canal**.

*Yes, I know that WebMD is not always terribly accurate, and that Scurvy was one of 14 options it gave me for bleeding in the mouth. It’s still funny.

**Not really, because I would rather die. I’ve never had so much as a filling, I still have my wisdom teeth, and I almost hyperventilate every time I go to the dentist. What I am really hoping is that this is one of those random things that goes away and never happens again.



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5 responses to “Kind of gross, but also funny.

  1. jen

    Oh dear God, girl! Go to the Doctor!! And then tell us what you have!
    Secretly Im hoping for scurvy. Because maybe you are a pirate…
    No really though. Go! Make Haste!

  2. -R-

    EWWWWWWW! At least if it is scurvy, you can just eat a lime and be cured. Or something like that. Ahoy!

  3. Gotta love Web MD. At least it didn’t say cancer, which is what my symptoms seem to always suggest. Upset tummy mixed with discomfort in the eye? Cancer. Of somewhere. Just trust us on this.

    Hope you’re bloodless in the mouth by now!

  4. I’m ALWAYS hoping for the “it will go away without my doing anything and CERTAINLY without having to see a doctor.”

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