… I have requested a quote from you for a car costing many thousands of dollars, do you think you could bother to send me an e-mail that is not full of grammatical errors? I mean, I know that I am not perfect… but I know how to use QUESTION MARKS. And I use the correct “your”. Geez.

(Can we not even talk about the fact that we are currently looking at a new car for Matt? Because my bank account, seriously, it is weeping. We do not want to have to buy a new car… but it is a looming possibility. Ouch says the bank account. Ouch says that house that was wanting new windows. Ouch says Excel as I force it to crunch through more numbers to tell me how poor we will be. Booooooooo.)


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  1. jen

    I once had a client send me a letter with the header:
    “To Whome it May Concirn”
    I dont know who Whome is!
    This dude worked for NASA…

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