The scene: Dairy Queen on Saturday evening. Matt gets a Blizzard and I get a hot fudge sundae. As we walk back to our car, a man pulls up and rolls down his window.

Man: What do you call that? *points to my ice cream*

Me: It’s a sundae.

Man: What? It’s a sundae?

Me: Yeah. It’s a hot fudge sundae.

Man: So if I go up there and tell them that I want a hot fudge sundae, they’ll give me that?

Me: Um, yeah.

Man: *looks really excited and rolls window back up*

Matt: That was weird.

Me: It’s like he doesn’t know what ice cream is! How sad.

Matt: Maybe he’s an alien and on his planet they don’t have ice cream.

Me: Ooooh. I could go down in history as the girl who introduced the aliens to ice cream. They’d revere me!! I could be their Queen.



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2 responses to “Legacy

  1. jen

    I love ice cream. Now, I am hungry.

  2. -R-

    Very strange. But funny!

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