It only bothers me a little that he eats bugs.

OK. I know I’m really lame. But that will not stop me from sharing how excited I am that new episodes of Man vs. Wild start tonight. I love me some Bear Grylls. I mean, the dude is just too cool. He makes a habit of jumping out of airplanes. He knows how to build shelters in the middle of freaking nowhere. I’ve seen him climb down a waterfall and crawl through an ice tunnel in a glacier. A glacier!

So, I’m pretty excited to watch tonight’s episode… which puts me straight into the territory of ‘really lame person who would rather stay home and watch a show on the Dissovery Channel than go out and be social.’ But really – I’m not all that social so I think I’m OK with this.



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2 responses to “It only bothers me a little that he eats bugs.

  1. Liz

    I’ll be watching tonight as well, alternating with What Not to Wear because I too, know the Friday night television schedule by heart. I guess we’re old now. And I love that Bear eats bugs. And live snakes. And water he squeezes out of elephant dung. That’s what keeps me a loyal viewer.

  2. jen

    I go nowhere, and I mean No Where, on Wed. nights as that is when So You Think You Can Dance is on. Oh, and then again on Thurs night as well.
    This makes me an even bigger loser, I would chance to wager, as at least YOU are watching the DC. And, possibly learning something.
    Go on with yer bad self!
    happy Weekending.

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