A question to ponder

When someone says the following, how do you usually respond?

I have good news and bad news – which do you want to hear first?

Personally, I hate it when people ask me this. If you pick good news first, then you have to worry that the bad news will ruin the good news. If you pick bad news (which I think most people do) then you have worry that the good news will not make up for the bad news, or that you will be so upset by the bad news that you can’t properly appreciate the good news.

But, alas, I have both good and bad things to share with you so I guess I have to pick one to go first. Or, I could alternate between the two but that be getting a little OCD even for me.

Good things:

  • On Saturday, Matt and I went to see Knocked Up. SO FUNNY. I’m definitely glad that we went to see it because it lived up to all the hype. Our only complaint was the gratuitous use of the F word. Matt and I agreed that we felt like old people saying that – but I think at some point it just became completely unnecessary. It didn’t really take away from the story at all though. I especially loved the really passive-aggressive co-worker.
  • After the movie, we decided that we wanted to do something else fun – we decided that bowling sounded like a good idea… but we didn’t know where there was a bowling alley. Our strategy: drive west. And it worked! Just as we were about to give up we found a place and had a lot of fun, even if I am now known as the Gutter Ball World Record Holder.
  • The grass in our back yard is growing in (remember, we ripped out all the weeds and planted grass seed a few weeks back) and looks really nice. We’ll need to fill in some areas but for the most part it looks like a real yard. On Sunday I sat in my chair reading and enjoying the great outdoors.

Bad things:

  • On Monday Matt called me on his way to work to announce that his brake pedal was almost going to the floor and his brake light was on (as if he had the e-brake on but he didn’t). As you might imagine, considering that we paid over $800 to have his brakes completely r-done less than two weeks ago, this made me about as happy as an angry lion. About 30 seconds into the call, he also figured out that his e-brake (e being for emergency being basically the situation he was in with little to no regular brakes) was also completely gone. Of course, the natural reaction would be to pull over immediately, but on the particular highway that he was on, it is completely legal to drive in the breakdown lane during rush hour. (Is it just me or is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?) So, you either have to try to make it to a special pull-off area or risk life and limb because people are driving 70 mph in the lane that you are trying to break down in. Of course once he realized how bad it really was he pulled over and just gave all the obnoxious break down people who honked at him the finger. We ended up getting it all straightened out but not without a lot of hassle and more than a little yelling on my part. What a pain.
  • I also spent about an hour on the phone with  our insurance company today trying to figure out how to pay for the master insurance on our  house. Since we live in a duplex, we are technially a condo… but there’s no real condo association (since it’s just us and our neighbors) which means that none of us actually know how the hell to deal with this stuff. I finally got a nice woman on the phone who took pity on me and explained it all. This is the kind of stuff someone should teach you about when you buy a house. I know all about mortgages and points and taxes and all that, but it’s the little stuff like this that gets me. Argh.
  • When we got home on Friday Matt and I noticed some tire tracks in our front lawn… tire tracks in a circle. Yes, someone was doing doughnuts in our front lawn. They are not from a car – too narrow – more like an ATV or something like that. It was either 1) our neighbors (or someone they know) or 2) someone completely random. I’m thinking number 1 seems more likely but I promised to be nice after they helped us pick up leaves during the great yard clean-up so I am not jumping to any conclusions. One the one hand, they clearly have no regard for the lawn since they let people park on it. However, they DID help us to clean up the yard to make it look better AND parking on the edge of the lawn, however annoying, is much different than doing doughnuts on it. It’s very frustrating though because even though we haven’t done much with this particular section of our property we have spent a lot of time and money making things look nice and tire ruts are simply not all that aesthetically pleasing.

So I guess the good and bad are balancing out to make me kind of ‘Eh’ about things right now. This week is going by soooooo slowly and work has been so nuts… I haven’t even had time to go buy a surveillance camera to try and catch the Tire Rut Bandit.


(But only a little.)



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2 responses to “A question to ponder

  1. I am a bad news first kind of person – when I suspect or know that something bad is going on or will be shortly, I am literally sick to my stomach until I know what it is.

    Good luck catching the rouge drivers!

  2. jen

    I agree with Janssen totally. Im all about the stomach in knots-ness.

    Though, I think she meant Rogue. Unless of course, the culprit is a woman. In which case, we could definitely call her the Rouge Driver. Like the protagonist in the story.
    You could be Gutter Ball Girl. I dont know what Matt could be. You tell us.

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