Say hello to my little friend.

I have to tell you this first in order for this story to make any kind of sense:

Our house is a duplex, and it is set up almost like a split level in the fact that it is 2 floors from the front, but 3 from the back – the basement has a sliding door that goes out to the backyard/patio. There is also a regular sized window, but because of the way the house is built, this window is set up so that the bottom of it is basically at ground level.

Key point: window at ground level.

So, the night before last Matt and I were watching TV downstairs when we saw some movement near the window (OUTSIDE, thankfully). We didn’t know what it was (could have been leaves, or something being blown by the wind) so we stood up to investigate, and then came face to face with THE BIGGEST RACCOON I HAVE EVER SEEN.

I mean, this one looks like what I would expect a raccoon to look like. Maybe a little bit larger than a normal house cat? Or actually not even all that much bigger, just… furrier. But the one outside our window was huge. I mean physically large as well as morbidly obese. And it really liked hanging out near our house, as it was there a few hours later, too.

Of course because I am a worrier, I was nervous that something might be wrong with it, because it did not seem afraid of us at all. (Needless to say, we didn’t go outside, but we banged on the window literally less than 6 inches from its head and it didn’t even flinch.) So, if I see it again I will probably call animal control, just in case.

But what I’m really wondering is what kind of mutant animals our neighborhood is growing. I mean, seriously –  labrador-sized rodents in my backyard are not what I signed up for with this move to the burbs.


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