Nice to meet you.

As Jen pointed out on a recent post, I have never told you my first name… cause I am mysterious like that. I kind of wish that I had some kind of exotic or interesting name to share with you, but sadly that is not the case.

Hi, I’m Rebecca… it’s nice to meet you!


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  1. jen

    Oh, whatever, Miz Exotica! My name is Jennifer. JENNIFER. But, you know, when Im at the bar…and the mens be askin’; Im Bela.
    Bela Grace, to be exact. And, you know…when I was 12, and all my little girlfriends and I went to The Mall, we all had names that started with “R”. So, I was Randi, with an eye.
    And, when I was but a wee one, I had a cousin named Sunshine. So…
    I mean, my mom was a HIPPIE, fer cryin’ out loud. I get stuck with Jennifer. Or Jenny. Or, when I got into high school, JennI. Gads.
    These days I just go by jen. As in xojen.
    SO ANYHOODLE, Rebecca! Its so very nice to meet you!
    (see? now, that I have a NAME!! i know EXACTLY what you look like. in my head!

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