At least I do not have to pull an all nighter studying for this test.

Tonight in dance class Matt and I are ‘testing out’ of our level. The studio that we go to is a franchise of a nationwide chain of dance studios. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like this, because it seems a little bit similar to going to the Olive Garden instead of that cute little family owned Italian place. But, who am I kidding, we frequently go to the Olive Garden and probably wouldn’t set foot in that cute little Italian place for fear that we wouldn’t like the food.

Anyway, my point was that because these studios are part of a larger company, they have a fairly structured program, with levels and checklists and whatnot. For the record, I love this because it helps us to measure our progress and it gives my type A side a little thrill to be able to check things off. This is not to say that we can’t learn things at our own pace or that it is so structured as to be rigid – I don’t want to misrepresent this program – just that it gives you a way to naturally build and progress and not skip around.

So, tonight we are testing out of our level into the next one. I’m kind of excited because this means that we can start learning some really new moves, instead of just variations on the ones that we know. I’m not really nervous about passing this test, because we did a practice run at our last lesson and our instructor said that we would have passed with flying colors if it had been a real test. Although, I have to say that I’m not really wild about people watching us… I KNOW – that seems completely ridiculous, but what I mean is that I am not wild about people watching us with a judging eye. Normally we either dance around people from the dance studio (who are concentrating on their own dancing) or around friends or family, who don’t know a box step from a cuban walk and who are impressed with anything that we do.

So fingers crossed that all goes well. I think they actually record us and if that is the case I believe we also get a copy of said film. If I can figure out how, I might (NO PROMISES) post the video here. We’ll have to see, because I’m just not sure that the internets is ready for that sight!



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2 responses to “At least I do not have to pull an all nighter studying for this test.

  1. jen

    Damn! I wish I would have read this last nite…
    I hope you did well. Im so jealous of you Dancers!!

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