Updates on many things

So things are a little better in the Crazy Family department. They are still crazy, don’t get me wrong. They are just a slightly more reasonable brand of crazy now than they were last week. Trust me, with this bunch you take what you can get.

So, can we talk about something else? There’s really only so much Introspection and Thinking and Moping that this girl can take. Doesn’t anyone want to talk about shoes?

Orrrr… maybe you want to hear about the haircut and manicure and pedicure I got on Saturday. Because – FABULOUS. I frequently forget to get a haircut for months on end (until it finally dawns on me that my hair has consistently looked like crap for several weeks) and I think I have gotten maybe 2 manicures and 2 pedicures in my entire life. So on Saturday I woke up and just decided to go have some fun. I got about 3 or so inches chopped off my hair, enough so that it just brushes my shoulders. I also got most of the layers chopped off, because while layers can be good on a good hair day, they are AWFUL when they do not cooperate. So, gone.

On Sunday, we got up early to go to another birthday celebration breakfast with Matt’s family – this time for his brother. We had a hard time figuring out logistics for Sunday, because Matt (that lucky duck) was going to the Red Sox game on Sunday night with his brother, his sister’s fiance, and two other friends. We didn’t want to have to drive back and forth from where we live a bunch of times, but we didn’t want to have many hours to kill either. In the end, we ended up driving to breakfast together and then Matt drove himself to the game later. (This was originally nixed because neither of us felt that 5 guys plus sports plus beer equals a good time to drive home. But then Matt’s throat was really hurting so he decided he didn’t need to imbibe quite as much, especially on a “school night”.)

So those lucky guys got GREAT seats to a Red Sox/Yankees game for TWENTY-THREE DOLLARS. If you live in Boston you know that this is unheard of (Matt’s brother has a friend that works at Fenway, so I guess it pays to have connections). They also ended up sitting next toVince Wilfork, a Patriots player.

Of course, because the game didn’t start until 8pm, Matt didn’t get home until 1:30 in the morning. I kind of woke up when he got home and noticed that he did not look like he felt well. I asked him what was wrong and apparently he went to go to the bathroom in the middle of the 6th inning, right after it started raining. On the way back to his seat, he slipped on the wet concrete, and, as he put it, “fell flat on my back in front of several hundred people.” Ouch. I tried to comfort him by telling him that at least it wasn’t on TV!

Then this morning on the way to work (stuck in horrible traffic because of this rain. Seriously, when do I start gathering animals two by two??) his car started making an awful noise. He called me to make sure his AAA membership was up to date (it wasn’t, but it is now!) and I suggested that he try to work from his company’s office that is in the town that we live in (yes, they have an office here and yet he has to commute 25 miles away, because THAT makes sense) and we would try to take his car in today.

To make this looooong story shorter, we got his car to the shop, and Bye-Bye alternator! Also, Bye-Bye lots of our money! Bank account says, “Help me! I’m melllllllting!”

This has been quite an ominous start to the week, don’t you think?



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3 responses to “Updates on many things

  1. I’m right there with you on the haircut front. I seriously have gone more than a year without a haircut, which is just preposterous. I got mine cut last Saturday after realizing that the only suitable way to do it was to pull it back and make it as unnoticeable as possible. I think that, right there, is a bad sign.

  2. -R-

    Sounds like you have been busy. Sorry about the family stuff and the car troubles. Boo. But yay for the haircut and manicure/pedicure! What color did you do your nails?

  3. jen

    Yuck to the alternator. That does suck
    YAY to your mani/pedi/hairdid!
    I love love love to get pedicures. My hands are to’up! so I dont like to let people handle them, but my feets is beautiful. Not many people will say that about their feet!
    Good for you!!
    Everyone deserves to pamper themselves occasionally!

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