Update: Now buying cough drops in bulk.

So the weird sore throat/cough thing that I wrote about earlier is getting worse. My throat is all tickly – to the point that I would like very much to a) rip it out, or b) stick something down there to scratch it. Neither of these options sounds particularly good for my overall health, but IF IT DOESN’T STOP I WILL LOSE MY MIND.

Also, I don’t think I will need to work out anytime soon because if all this coughing doesn’t produce rock hard abs, I don’t know what will!

Several people have suggested that it’s allergies, but as I told them, I don’t HAVE allergies. But then, of course, Dr. Google informed me that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never had allergies. Apparently they are fun for one and all, regardless of previous symptoms. I kind of think this is bullshit, but then I recalled the yard/weed/destruction events of yesterday and as I reflected on the sheer volume of pollen that must have entered my lungs I realized that maybe I shouldn’t write off that suggestion so quickly. (Of course, I had a slight sore throat before pulling the weeds but let’s just blame that on something else, ok?)

In summary, throat hurts, coughing does too, and whatever the hell this is sucks sucks sucks sucks tremendously.


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