Lights Out

Today is Founder’s Day at work. Basically, it’s the one day a year (other than perhaps the Holiday Party) when the company rewards us soul-less minions with free food and the chance to embarrass ourselves with events such as velcro-ing oneself to a wall and mechanical bull-riding.

[I shit you not. There was a mechanical bull. I watched many people ride it, and out of all of those people, it was flattering for exactly NONE of them. But very amusing for me.]

So, it would make sense that on this day of enjoyment, the skies would open themselves and we would experience thunderstorms of the holy-crap-the-sky-is-falling variety. Right?

The festivities officially started at 11:30, and as I was sitting at my desk trying to get some work done and not focus on the promise of some delicious junk food, the damn power went out. The power. Went out. Keep in mind that I work in a huge office building with over 3,000 other people – this doesn’t happen. What was more annoying was that the power would go out and then the generators would kick in and so it was just a constant mess of flickering lights and computers going haywire. Crazy.

We found out later that some lightening had hit a nearby power substation, causing massive power outages in our area – so that explains all of the problems. And I did eventually venture out to stand in line for my burger and pasta salad while huddled underneath the spare umbrella that I thankfully had at work. Of course, now that the festivities are over, it is sunny and warm outside.

This weekend Matt and I are attending a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night – beach theme. There’s nothing I love more than a theme party (although beach theme is a little overdone). Then on Sunday we are going to a Mother’s Day brunch with Matt’s family, because I am a bad daughter who never goes back to New Jersey. So, it looks like it will be a good weekend. However, nothing will beat watching people on that mechanical bull!


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