Wine Wednesday

When Matt and I were first dating, we started a tradition we call Wine Wednesday. This was before the time when I was basically living at his apartment, so it was a big deal that we hung out together on a weeknight. There’s really not much to Wine Wednesday – as you can imagine it involved drinking wine. On a Wednesday. But it was a big deal because while I enjoyed wine before we started dating, I knew nothing about it, so it was something that we learned about and tried together. We learned that even a small glass of red wine was likely to trigger my migraines, and so we steadily worked our way through a variety of white wines. While we might have reached for a bottle of tried and true on any other night, Wine Wednesday was always about new wines.

We haven’t kept up the tradition as frequently throughout the last year or so, partly because of budget (even cheap wine gets expensive), partly because of expanding waistlines (a quick way to cut empty calories from one’s diet), and partly because of a few embarrassingly painful Thursday mornings after Wine Wednesday turned into Several-Bottles-of-Wine-Wednesday. However, last night I decided that it was time for a good Wine Wednesday and so we opened a bottle that I think was leftover from our housewarming party. Wherever it was from, it was damn good.

I love traditions like this because they remind me of when Matt and I first started dating. Not that there’s anything wrong with the here and now, mind you, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little lost in the nostalgia. Remembering the very beginning helps to remind me of why we stuck with it, why we ended up (and stayed)¬†together, how nice it was to find that person and just know that even after the butterflies and dreamy feeling had faded a bit, that it would always be there, waiting to resurface.

The best part about all of this, is that while it’s nice to remember how Wine Wednesday started (and how excited I was for it to be Wednesday every week!), it’s even nicer to know that now it can be Wine Wednesday on any night of the week.


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