An Early Birthday Present

Last night I gave Matt an early birthday present – I had to give it to him early because if it didn’t work I only had 7 days to return it. The present was a new power window switch for his car.

If that sounds really stupid and not romantic at all, I’ll have you know that his driver’s side window has not worked for a really long time (I think a little less than a year). He’s known what was wrong with it for a while but has not fixed it. This is because he is very lazy. It took less than 3 minutes for him to put the new switch in – no tools required other than a screwdriver to pop the old one out. Yet the damn thing has been broken and caused more than a small amount of angst. (See: the time that he accidentally put the window down and couldn’t get it to go back up for the entire hour ride to his parent’s house. It was 30 degrees out. Also see: the time it was raining.)

I tell you this so that I can tell you about the last time that something on his car didn’t work for a long time:

Last Spring, the weather was really rainy for a long time. It rained almost every day for months. It poured. There was flooding, and roads eroding, and generally we all were ready to start building arks and leading on animals two by two.

And during this time, this several MONTHS worth of time, a time when he was driving 50 miles a day round-trip to work, a time when I drove his car frequently because my car sucked and we took his car everywhere, can you guess what part on Matt’s car did not work?

If you guessed the driver’s side windshield wiper you are correct.

I finally called and made an appointment at a mechanic for him. And do you know how much it cost and how long it took to fix the windshield wiper?

$50 and half an hour.

He’s really lucky that he’s so damn cute.

Anyway, he really liked the window switch and immediately proclaimed how excited he was to be able to go through the drive through, or pay tolls, or enjoy the Spring breeze again. But I did make him promise that if something else goes wrong with his car, like say, the wheel falling off or something, he is to get it fixed immediately. Because I am not riding in a car with 3 wheels. It’s not good for my image.


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