Project Old Pants Update

Despite my lack of posting on this subject lately, I’m still working on it. I can’t say that I’ve experienced mind-blowing results, but I am proud of my progress and that is enough for now.

Diet-wise, I haven’t really changed much. I’m still trying to just make better choices and think about stuff before I chow it down. I’ve made some real progress in the area of portion-control, though. As I’ve mentioned, I tend to have some problems in that area. The biggest change that I’ve made is to constantly remind myself that if I’m still hungry, or if I get hungry later, I can go get more. There are days when I eat and find that I am still hungry half an hour later – but those are rare. More frequently, I find that while I would have eaten more if it had been on my plate, I am really quite full after a small amount and simply don’t need more.

The biggest progress I’ve made has been in the area of exercise. While I still contend that exercise sucks and I would really rather not do it… I guess I have to. I’ve started doing this running plan, as suggested by Janssen. Let me tell you my thoughts on running: It sucks hairy goat testicles. That is what I think in my head as I run. Because it really sucks. But it IS getting easier, and while it does suck, I also think it is a good plan for me because we have a treadmill, or I can run outside – basically it requires little in the way of equipment, coordination, or much else except for, uh, endurance and lung capacity. Which I seem to have little of but that will come in time, right?

I’ve also been doing a Pilates DVD, which I’ve roped Matt into doing with me, because if I’m going to look like a moron all contorted with my ass in the air in the middle of the living room, well, at least I’m not going to do it alone. Pilates sucks slightly less hairy goat testicles, mostly because holy crap I can actually see progress. It gets easier! Which is exactly the boost that I need to keep going. Also, nothing makes you feel like an exercise goddess like being so sore that to so much as sneeze sends you into a world of muscle pain. As perverse as it sounds, I love being sore because it is a constant reminder that I got off my ass and did something good for myself.

So, while I’m not fitting back into those old jeans quite yet, I am happy to be making progress and seeing a slightly smaller number on the scale. Although I still contend that anyone who claims to get a ‘runners high’ is seriously psychotic. Because running sucks hai… well, you get the idea.



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4 responses to “Project Old Pants Update

  1. Go you! I, on the other hand, have had one million drinks, pizza, a cheeseburger, fries, brownies, and a steak in the last 4 days. And only one on one short walk with the dogs to counteract all of that. No good.

  2. Liz

    Exercise high is real. You’ll get addicted. Eventually you’ll find yourself bummed that you need to take at least one day off every week so you don’t break yourself. Just wait and see.

  3. Lori – you are making me hungry. Stop it! (mmmm… brownies…)

    Liz – I refuse to believe you. I think there is a plot among you crazy exercise freaks to get the rest of us to think we should enjoy torturing ourselves. The day I get an exercise high is the day I eat my sweaty gym shorts.

  4. Awesome! Let me know how it goes. And yeah, for me the exercise high is the actual COMPLETION of the exercising, certainly not the actual exercising itself.

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