After being in a particularly foul mood for most of the day yesterday, things started to get a little better last night. First, I am making a little bit of progress in Project Get My Lazy Ass off the Couch, which I will detail in a later post. Then I had a good long bitch moan and gripe session with Liz, and let me just say that if there was some way to convert our bitchiness into energy, we could light up the world. It’s a beautiful thing to talk to someone who not only understands, but supports your pissiness.

Finally, Matt and I had a good talk, during which I may or may not have used the words “insensitive” and “jerk” in a sentence. I’ll neither confirm nor deny. As I suspected, he just didn’t know how upset I was… which is frustrating but nowhere near as bad as knowing and not caring or doing anything about it.

Also, in reference to the cake incident, I believe his exact words were, “Why’d you throw it out? I would’ve eaten that!” Which… gross. But also kind of funny, because it was the bunny cake that we made for Easter. And when I threw it out I noticed that the bunny was growing fur. And if you’d seen the look on his face when I told him that you would have found it pretty hard to stay mad, too.


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  1. Glad you worked it out! Also, the bunny having fur on it makes me both want to vomit and to laugh out loud.

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