Blue Screen of Death

Yes. That’s right. On my work laptop. The very same laptop on which I have ALL of my files stored (backed up, but on my “personal server” which I can’t access from anywhere else without help from the IT dept) and the very same laptop on which I need to do countless work projects. To say that I am a bit of an anxious mess would be an understatement.

I am attempting to do stuff on my home computer – a Mac desktop which has never even HEARD of a blue screen of death and would never dare to so much as threaten one – but since I can’t access my files I am pretty much stuck. The obvious answer is to throw up my hands and say that there’s nothing I can do. That I can’t control the circumstances and that people will just have to understand. Oh, if only it were that easy. Because I’m pretty sure that no one has heard of ‘slack’ and certainly not of ‘cutting me any’.

Really, it’s sad to be that negative but I am feeling an overwhelming amount of pressure right now due to several projects that all must be done NOW RIGHT NOW. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Laptop will be back in his rightful cube tomorrow where I will tell him how much he is loved and appreciated now could he please do his damn job so his owner doesn’t have a damn heart attack?


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  1. Oh man. . . is there any thing worse than that blue screen?? I also hate that sort of gray/black screen where you know it’s on, but it’s pretending to be off and there is nothing push. I dont’ miss the PC days much, particularly because I too work on a PC at the office and am reminded of why my lovely home Mac is the way to go.

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