Battle Scars


As the weather gets nicer, it can only mean one thing:

It’s time for me to develop what I call my ‘sandal calluses’.

Of course, in order for these to form, I have to endure the most awful blisters you’ve ever seen in your life. Because apparently I have the most paper-thin foot skin of any human being on the planet. Seriously. I have had these sandals for THREE. YEARS. I wear them dancing. I wear them while walking around the mall, or the park, or basically anywhere. But at the start of every season (it happens when I go back to winter shoes, too) I get blisters from them.

And new shoes? Don’t even get me started on new shoes. I have been known to get blisters after walking half a damn block.

Now before you start with me, know this: I do wear the correct size shoes. I don’t wear 4 inch stillettos. After a few wearings, my shoes are perfectly comfortable and I won’t get blisters anymore. Also, if you get blisters like I do? You need to buy these. Totally worth the wallet-gouging price.

Clearly this proves my theory that I am a delicate precious flower who deserves to have her every whim catered to.




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4 responses to “Battle Scars

  1. -R-

    That is weird. Your feet are wimps! =)

  2. Liz

    It happens to me too – it’s flip flops that really get me at the beginning of every summer. I’m going to buy those bandaids today.

  3. jen

    Oh my gosh! IIIII am a delicate flower too! I tell the people I work with this all the time. They dont really believe me yet…

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