Lap of Luxury

I love bedding. I love shopping for sheets, and duvets, and shams and pillowsanddustrufflesandquiltsandI’mgettingallhotandbotheredjustthinkingaboutit.

The day that we got to buy all new stuff for our bedroom was more exciting to me than the day that we closed on our house. All! New! Stuff! For! Me! To! Sleep! On!

I don’t know why it’s so exciting to me. Perhaps it is just another part of that shopping gene piece of the female DNA rearing its ugly head. Perhaps all the little pieces of my DNA are sitting there talking to each other:

“Shoes. We love shoes. Let make her go get some sandals.”

“No. What she really needs are some cute summer skirts.”

“Mmmm… sheets. So soft and comfy.”

Meanwhile some other, long forgotten piece of my DNA is thinking, “Um. Guys? Hello? Maybe, she does need that stuff? You know… um… budget?”

And while I feel compelled to note that I really am good at budgeting, and managing my money, (at least most of the time), and I am not in fact a raging shopaholic… well. That doesn’t stop me from looking, does it? Because if surfing high-end web sites to look at all the fabulous stuff I can’t afford is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Oh, please. Like you’ve never done it.

So while I really do love the set that we purchased on the day that I stepped into Bed Bath and Beyond with such unbridled glee, (this one, in case you were wondering – and yes, it is now on clearance, those bastards) don’t you find yourself wondering if this one is better? What if it is more comfortable, so as to drift you off in dreamland in such a blissful state as you’ve never known before?

These are questions to which I will likely never know the answer, as I will likely never have buckets of money sitting around or damn near $500 to spend on a duvet cover. BUT! Assuming that one day I would have some extra cash to spend on a few (let’s say 5) select high-end luxuries, here’s what I would choose:

  • Bedding (duh) – I would have the most comfortable and prettiest one you can imagine, and I would buy new stuff when I felt like it
  • Flowers – I would have fresh flowers all the time, and not the half-dead ones from Stop & Shop
  • Books – I would own a lot more. Some would say that this would not be different than the current situation. I say poo on them.
  • Shoes – again, duh. Although I have to say here, I would probably be more about quantity than quality, assuming that I couldn’t have both.
  • Travel – I’m not huge on travel because of the hassle involved, but I imagine with a bunch of money it could be made fairly hassle-free. I would stay in 5 star resorts and do all the activities in the area.

Here’s what I would never choose to spend my extra money on (again, for this to work, you have to assume that you only have enough to pick a few – if you’re Bill Gates, you would have nice stuff even if you didn’t really care about it):

  • Kitchen stuff, including dishes, appliances, etc – I don’t cook or eat anything fancy, and I don’t mind eating off mismatched dishes, so why would I spend a ton of money on this?
  • Car – I guess if you really had a lot of money, then a luxury car would be nice. But honestly I just don’t care; as long as it’s decent and reliable, that’s what I’m about. I don’t understand the people who go nuts to buy a Lexus or BMW.
  • Landscaping – I like to have a pretty lawn (rather than the swamp that is currently our front yard) but I don’t like the overly landscaped look. It’s nice to have trimmed grass and some flowers/shrubs/trees, but I would never spend a ton of money on the perfectly manicured lawn.
  • Antiques – This is not to say that I don’t appreciate beautiful old things, but I would never spend a lot of money on some antique coffee table just because it was antique. I just don’t understand the draw. I would go to Target and buy something that looked similar for a lot less money.
  • Food/Wine – I’ll never be a foodie. I’ll never be shopping at gourmet stores spending $100 for a block of cheese. And until someone proves to me that $200 wine tastes better than $20, I’ll be saving the money – and buying 10 bottles of wine instead of one!

 Of course now that I’ve written this I’m thinking of all the things I should have written instead (like jewelry! and a cleaning service! and spa treatments!) but since these are the things that first popped into my head, I’ll have to stick with my original answers.

So! Time for you to play. List the 5 things you would want to spend the money on and 5 you wouldn’t see being worth it. Ready, set, go.



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6 responses to “Lap of Luxury

  1. jen

    first off, thanks for your kind words yesterday. I felt a little bad because what I meant to say was, that I was sorry YOU were sad, and I know that really sucks for YOU too….:)

    1. Food. Grocery shopping gets me high. I am a Foodie In Progress. If I could spend $500 everytime I went to the Market, we’d be Eating some Damn Good Cheese.
    2. Rosebushes. I have this idea of what my front porch would look like if it were lined with beautiful well kept Roses. But, then again, I would need to learn how to take care of them.
    3. Pieces of Art. Nice Big Ones.
    4. Shoes. Two Words: Manolo Blahnik.
    5. A person. More specifically; A Person to Clean My Bathrooms. And, just those. I really dont want anyone cleaning anything else. I just really super hate cleaning the bathrooms. Ick.

    1. Im with you on the Car. Does it have four wheels? Okay, Ill take it. I dont care what kind.
    2. Stereo equipment.
    3. Fake Boobs.
    4. Tennis Shoes. I wont spend $20 on Tennis shoes. I dont RUN. I do Yoga. We roll barefoot. I dont get this Tennies for hundreds of Dollars.
    5. Name Brand Purses. I love me some bags, you know? But I can get an enormous Patent Leather Bag at Target for $50, Im not gonna spend Two or Three hundred for a Coach. And, Im not even going to spend fifty on a Coach knock off. (well, maybe on a Kate Spade knock off…)

  2. jen

    Hey, this one was really fun. Someone on my LJ posted it…it was a lot of fun to do.

    1. Turn on your iPod
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button


  3. Hmm, I can’t find an email address for you, so this will have to do 🙂

    Here’s your five questions:

    1) If you could go on a date with any superhero, who would it be?
    2) Night owl or early bird?
    3) What book could you read over and over again, and why?
    4) If you had to get rid of one room in the house, which one would it be?
    5) PC or Mac?

  4. -R-

    I posted my lists of fives!

  5. Woulds:
    1. Travel – I want to go everywhere!
    2. Furniture – still living with hand-me-downs
    3. Custom made jeans – I have read about these and cannot imagine how expensive they are, but they would be SO worth it
    4. Shoes
    5. A massage every couple of weeks

    Would nots:
    1. I third the car thing
    2. Jewelry – not really my thing
    3. An RV – I do not get this phenomenon
    4. A big tv or other fancy schmancy electronics (except a fabulous camera – that is Would #6!)
    5. Make up that you can’t buy at Target

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