Sprucing Up

I’m trying to spruce things up around here… updating categories and the like. I haven’t put much time into learning how this site/blogging thing works, so sometimes I feel like things get a little unorganized and dull. Does anyone know a good way to learn about this? Seriously – for a fairly tech-savvy (and, yeah, perfectionist) person it is killing me not to even be able to post pictures on my own site. There must be a way that other people learn about this stuff, right? Any advice?

Also, anything that you’d like to see more/less/none of on this site? What interests you? What do you hate? What should I write about?


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One response to “Sprucing Up

  1. -R-

    I have no idea how to do most web things. I just use Google to find sites that explain how to do things. Sorry!

    I like what you write, but I can’t think of anything specific to request. I like silly stories the best, but it is cool just to hear about the different ways people live. OK, that was lame, but it was true.

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