Marathon Monday

Today is Marathon Monday here in Boston, MA, which means that it is probably not a good day for us to be having a Nor’easter… but that’s what we’re having anyway, so for all those people running today, well, it sucks to be them. Matt informed me last night that since it was going to rain he wasn’t going to run the marathon after-all:

Me: Oh? You were planning on running the marathon tomorrow?

Matt: Yeah, I mean, I figured the first 6.2 miles would be easy, but those last 20 would just be a bitch. So I’m going to skip it, I guess. But I might change my mind tomorrow.

Yeah, right.

In case you were wondering, my visit with Brother and Brother’s Girlfriend went very well – especially once I realized that they really like sitting around doing almost nothing (Hey! Must be genetic!) and I didn’t need to entertain them 24 hours a day. We did go to the Museum of Science, which was really fun, and I kicked their asses at Mario Party 6 and Uno. Ah, sweet victory.

They left on Friday afternoon. Well, actually, they almost didn’t because the weird bus driver didn’t want to let them on the bus. Something about reserved tickets (which they had) but apparently the bus driver didn’t think that they did. I straightened it out for them but it was kind of a giant pain in the ass and entirely unnecessary. However, the visit was good and apparently they had a really good time so all is well.

On Saturday Matt and I went to his grandmother’s 85th birthday party. It was held at a hall with a bar and a band so it was really fun. We got to show off our dance moves, which was really fun – although at the end of several hours of dancing I thought my legs and feet were going to fall off! We also got a little surprise when we found out that Matt’s parents have been taking dance lessons. They were really cute about it; just like us they didn’t want to tell anyone right away because they weren’t sure if they were going to be any good. However, we definitely noticed (the dead giveaway was watching Matt’s Dad count out the steps!) and they were really happy when we asked if they’d been taking lessons. Look at what trendsetters we are!

Now I’m back at work and it’s gloomy and I had 247 unread e-mails after only 3 days out of the office (5 if you count the weekend but I don’t because it’s not a work day). There is not enough coffee in all the land to get me through this day… but I’m going to try.


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