Brother is here!

My brother is here, after a harrowing experience trying to find the bus station. It really could not be more hidden behind a ton of other buildings. But eventually I found them and we made our way back to my house for some relaxing and American Idol viewing.

In good news, the weather is beautiful today. In, um, other news… do you know how hard it is to entertain two teenagers? Good lord. I’ve always questioned my ability to raise children but in this case I’m quite certain as I say that if I ever do have offspring of my own I plan to put them in a deep freeze as soon as I see signs of puberty.

We went to the aquarium this morning, which was fun, and then walked around downtown Boston a bit before the inevitable discussion of what-do-you-want-to-do-now hit. I’ve done all of the tourist stuff, and while I don’t mind doing it again, I didn’t want to drag them along to anything they didn’t want to go to. I am simply along for the ride, here to provide some semblance of adult supervision. (Ha!)  Here is the resulting conversation that took place at 3pm:

Me: So, what do you want to do now?

Brother and Brother’s Girlfriend: Uh… *blank stares*

Me: Do you want to go to the harbor? To see the USS Constitution? Do you want to go the Public Gardens? Do you want to walk around? Do you want to shop? Do you want to go home? Do you want to see a movie? Sit on the couch? Pick your bellybutton lint???

Brother and Brother’s Girlfriend: We don’t know what we want to do.

Me: I guess we’ll just stand here then.

Brother and Brother’s Girlfriend: *Do exactly what I just said.*

Me: Ok. No. I was kidding. Standing here all afternoon is really not an option.

Brother and Brother’s Girlfriend: Uhhhhh….

Finally we decided to go home where the teenagers played video games until Matt got home and rescued me. They’re at the park now playing basketball while I wait for the pizza we ordered to arrive (and revel in the fact that I got out of playing basketball by using the excuse that I had to wait for the pizza to arrive).

Tomorrow we’re going to the Museum of Science. I’m excited but also petrified of the conversation that will take place once we’ve made our way through all that the museum has to offer. Because, so help me, if I get more of the blank stares, putting them in a deep freeze will not be enough.


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One response to “Brother is here!

  1. Jen

    Walk really slow. That should take up some time. Find all the exhibits Utterly Fascinating and stare at each one for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    Have fun!

    My brother is a teenager too. I feel your pain. Phone conversations with him are EXCRUTIATING!

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