Yo! Easter in here!

We had a lovely Easter dinner at our house, complete with an Easter egg hunt (in which the youngest participant was age 24), bunny cake, and the watching of Borat. Nothing says “I’m comfortable with your family/parents” like watching the scene in which a naked sweaty Borat is wrestling with an equally naked and sweaty fat man. Consider me a true part of the family*.

Now our fridge is full of leftovers, and we are both enjoying our “K” gifts. Surprisingly, we both ended up with the gifts that we gave – a Kohl’s gift card and a DVD of King Kong. (-R-, we couldn’t find Karate Kid, though we tried!) The title of this post comes directly from the signs that Matt so thoughtfully posted around our house. This sign was on the front door. Other signs included, “Yo! K gifts go here!”, “Yo! ‘Ert goes here!” and “Yo! Potty in here!”

Tomorrow night, my 16-year-old brother and his girlfriend (his girlfriend!) are coming to visit. They are taking the bus up here and staying with us, where they will be staying in separate bedrooms, because I am a mean older sister and also not a big proponent of teen pregnancy**. When I said this to Matt, he said, “You know that they’re teenagers right? Your brother is a 16 year old BOY. Think about the hormones involved here.” To which I replied, “La la la la I can’t HEAR you. He’s my baby brother and HE DOESN’T DO THOSE THINGS.” Matt laughed until I told him that if he didn’t stop I’d make him install deadbolts on those bedroom doors so that we could lock them into their separate  bedrooms.

We’re going to go do fun touristy things like the Museum of Science and the Aquarium. I don’t know how much else we’ll do since we think the weather will be thwarting my plans of walking around and finding stuff to do. Current forecasts predict low 40’s and rainy, which is about as much sucktitude as one could have in the middle of April. Sadly, Matt can’t take off from work, so I am going to be entertaining a pair of teenagers all by myself. Wish me luck.

*Actually, I think I officially became a part of the family the first Christmas Eve I was with Matt – we were at his Aunt’s house with a LOT of booze, and all I know is that there are pictures of me and Matt’s Dad giving people the finger. There was also the fact that every single one of us was hungover as hell while exchanging presents the next day. Now that’s what I call bonding.

**I’m pretty sure that I don’t ACTUALLY have to worry about teen pregnancy. They’re really good kids (young adults? whatever) and I’m sure all they do is make out like fiends. Which – EWWWW, that’s my brother. La la la la I can’t think about this anymore.


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  1. -R-

    King Kong is equally good, though sadly lack Ralph Macchio.

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