If April Showers bring May Flowers, what does April Snow bring?

It was 70 degrees last weekend. Sunny and warm and oh so pretty. And then yesterday it snowed! Snow! Big wet flakes of cold stupid snow. Go away! Bring back the warm so that I can wear my cute new capris and cute new shoes.

Yet the snow is only one of many disgraces in my life this week. For one, Sanjaya is still on American Idol, and all I have to say is: 13-year-olds of America. Get a grip.

The other disgrace involves outlet shopping and some cute shoes. Last weekend (remember the warm and sunny?) Matt and I went shopping here. It’s not terribly close to where we live but we went anyway because it was just so nice out and we wanted to walk around. Of course, every other human being on the planet thought the same thing, and if there is anything that I would like to say to my fellow members of humanity after that experience it is this: I hate you. Go away now.

So in the Nine West outlet I found these really cute pink polka-dot flats. They had kind of a neutral background with different shades and sizes of the pink polka-dots. But in typical fashion (fashion? shoes? get it?) I couldn’t make a decision and ended up putting them back.

And now I want those shoes SO MUCH. It’s like I am coveting them from afar. I keep looking at outfits and thinking about how cute those shoes would be with the outfit IF ONLY I HAD PURCHASED THE SHOES. And I’ve searched and searched online and can’t find them.

So here is my question to you: Would you drive 2 hours out of your way (round-trip) for a cute pair of shoes? I could justify it by saying that I could shop for other things while there, which I both could and would, but really I would just be going for the shoes.

Please keep in mind that they are really cute and would go with many things in my wardrobe before you answer. Please also keep in mind that I already own many pairs of shoes. (BUT. SO. CUTE.)



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3 responses to “If April Showers bring May Flowers, what does April Snow bring?

  1. Liz

    Sounds like you’re looking for a yes answer on this, since “they’ll go with much of your wardrobe?” I’m a big believer in the if you like it, go get it, but I can be a bad influence.

  2. rayshell

    I *LOVE* a dedicated shopper! I say YES!!!

  3. -R-

    Why not? Go for it!

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