On a slow day

Matt: *sets the TiVo to update and goes upstairs to check on dinner*

Matt: *yells from upstairs* Can I use the new spoon?

Me: Yeah. Why wouldn’t you be able to use it?

Matt: *is talking about the TiVo* Did it go yet?

Me: *thinks he is talking about the spoon* How the hell would it go? Just use it.

Matt: No, I mean did it connect yet?

Me: Just use the goddamn spoon!!!

Matt: *comes downstairs* Why did you say it didn’t connect? It’s halfway done! *goes back upstairs*

Me: Ohhhhhhh – that’s what you were talking about.

Matt: Geez. It’s like I’m a damn dentist.

Me: …??? Huh?

Matt: Oh my god. Forget it. Just forget it.

Me: Wait! I get it now!



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3 responses to “On a slow day

  1. -R-

    Mostly I just it is hilarious that you have one new spoon and it is apparently a special event in Matt’s mind.

    Also, you have Tivo, and I am jealous.

  2. -R-

    Oops. That should be “I just think it is hilarious… .”

  3. Liz

    Tivo! I want one too! Spoon! cool!

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