Congrats, Liz!

My friend Liz got engaged!

I’m so happy for her. So happy that I cried like a little girl when she told me. I’m even getting a little misty right now. Must be, umm, dust. In my eye. Riiight.

She also asked me to be her “person” – as she put it. I thinkshe means maid of honor/bridesmaid, but I’m totally picturing a boxing match with me in her corner. Hee. Or, like in Grease, when Danny is the ‘second’ in the car race. In any case… I am truly honored that she asked me.

It’s amazing to me that Liz and I have stayed friends as long as we have. Not that I ever thought that we wouldn’t remain friends – just that it’s kind of awe inspiring to think of the things that we have shared. We’ve known each other since 7th grade and have been good friends since 9th. That’s a long time. That’s first kisses, first boyfriends, SAT’s, prom, college application/acceptance, graduation, homesick undergrads, first hangovers, relationship hell, exams, another graduation, jobs/grad school, and now a wedding. And even though we haven’t always been able to share these things while in the same state – or even the same time zone – we’ve shared them nonetheless. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t spoken in 6 days or 6 months; we pick up right where we left off, with giggles and sleepovers and gossip.

If this sounds cheesy, then it probably is. But this friendship means so much to me – and I really am so damn happy for her.

Congratulations, Liz!!


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  1. I have me one of these too, and you’ve described it perfectly 🙂

    Congrats Liz (and to you as her “person”)!

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