Waiting for a head transplant

I know I’ve written about this quite a bit, and you’re probably all sick of it… but I also figure that since I gladly read when you all write about your colds, stomach bugs, and hemorrhoids, maybe you won’t mind listening to me say it one more time:


I’m so frustrated. So sick of being sick. Annoyed and wondering if everyone else thinks I’m just being a baby. I just want to feel good. I’m tired of these stupid goddamn headaches ruling my life.

If that sounds melodramatic, then maybe it is. When I feel fine, even I think to myself: really, how bad can it be? But then I get one and I feel like life stops.

And I’m just so damn sick of it.

I’m working from home today in an effort to be slightly more comfortable and hopefully feel better. And not throw up on my co-workers. I don’t think they would appreciate that.



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2 responses to “Waiting for a head transplant

  1. You aren’t crazy. People who haven’t had the damned things and say “it’s just a headache” should be clubbed about the neck and head until they understand. I’m fortunate to have only had 3 in my life, but it felt like I had a brain tumor or something else I was dying from immediately. Get the room quiet and dark; and if you can keep it down, eat a huge meal. Sometimes the blood that rushes to your stomach gives your head a little peace. Good luck!

  2. Kelly

    No one can understand a migraine until they’ve experienced one. It’s not just a bad headache either. It’s the build-up of seeing flashers or floaters and having your vision narrow so that you start thinking you’re having a stroke. It’s the fear of the pain you know you’re going to experience. It’s lying in a dark room and rubbing your head against the wall until you regain your sanity. It’s 24 hours of worse-than-hangover aftereffects.

    I have experienced migraines to some degree for (holy cow) 22 years. I have been tested by neurologists and endocrinologists, but the best advice I got was from a nutritionist who told me I am borderline hypoglycemic and that I should eat before I get too hungry. Taking painkillers as soon as I get the warning signs that a migraine is approaching also helps.

    I hope you can get some relief soon.

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