Weekend Recap (Plus, a bonus rant!)

This weekend was the perfect mix of doing fun stuff, laying around doing nothing, and doing productive things. On Saturday, Matt and I went to the Bruins game. I got him the tickets for Valentine’s day and we’ve been looking forward to the game for a while. The beer was flowing nicely, as was the cheese on my fries, and so a good time was had by all despite the fact that the Bruins lost in a shoot-out. (I realize that this may not bode well for my weight loss goals. But sporting events were MADE for glorious calorie consumption. Cut me a break.)

While my sports-fan boyfriend may disagree, I thought that the most interesting (and also most annoying) part of the game was listening to the guys behind us. Keep in mind that this was a 1:00 game, but these guys had clearly had no limits for the start of alcohol binging. They were hammered.

When we were climbing the steps to our seats, I had asked Matt to carry my drink because I was nervous about falling and wanted a free hand to grab onto the railing. He laughed at me and told me that no one ever fell. What, did I think people just fell onto the row of seats in front of them? How would that happen?

Let’s just say that Really Drunk Asian Man proved him wrong. Turns out, people DO fall onto the row of seats in front of them. They even fall on those seats while people are sitting in them. They even fall hard enough to break the seat!


Yesterday, I finished and submitted our taxes. Yay for getting lots of money back! Boo for having already planned where every nickel of that money is going. (I’ll give you a hint – goodbye to some of our debt. Also goodbye to all that lovely lovely money. I’ll think fondly of all the shoes you could have purchased for me.)

I also finished reading this book – this is the second in the series and this one is definitely better than the first. Then I read most of this book, which I read a long time ago – but Matt got it for me as part of my box-of-books for Christmas so I decided to read it again. Not fine literature by any means, but an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially while a certain SOMEONE is watching ENDLESS HOURS of March Madness.


Oh, you’re wondering about the extra special bonus rant? Well… remember my neighbors? Remember how they don’t know how to park? Remember how I left a note gently reminding them that most people don’t find it to be acceptable to park on the front lawn?

Guess where their friends parked yesterday afternoon. Go on, guess.

Also, guess who now has two GIANT tire track ruts in their front lawn.

Now, guess who is so freakin’ pissed that steam is going to come out of her ears and her head is going to turn around 360 degrees, exorcist-style.

Please tell me – how do I deal with this? I’ve tried to be nice to them. I thought that the note was a nice way to go, because it was non-confrontational and if anything, the damn thing was saccarrine sweet. But apparently that is not working with these people. What’s the next step, without getting all batshit crazy, to dealing with this? TELL ME THE WAY,  INTERNET PEOPLE. I will follow your guidance.



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3 responses to “Weekend Recap (Plus, a bonus rant!)

  1. Jen

    Have I not made it perfectly clear to you~and Emily…~that Ovarian Punches are the route to go with the neighbors and the bad parking of the car???

    You know….they always say “pay yourself FIRST”. I think pretty new shoes are a good payment for you, no?

  2. I recommend setting your lawn on fire. They will be too intimidated to say anything to you after that.

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