“Project Old Pants” Update

Yikes. It’s hard getting the hang of this weight loss thing. But cute summer clothes beckon and I WILL fit into my old pants one of these days.

This week I tried to make minor changes in my diet. Mainly, I tried to think BEFORE I ate. Sounds simple, right? But I have this tendency to scarf down the french fries and THEN think about how bad they were for me. This week I thought about every single thing that went into my mouth (with 2 guilty exceptions – one being a cupcake that my boss brought me, and the other being a bag of chips that I probably did not need to add to my already large lunch).

This is not to say that everything I ate this week was healthy – just that I thought about things and made conscious decisions about what I was eating. I wasn’t as good about tracking my food intake as I would like to be, but I am trying to be fair to myself here… I typically track food while at work, because I am in front of a computer here and it just makes things easier. However, this week has been so crazily busy that I decided to forgo the tracking. I’ll start this up next week.

On the exercise front, things have been looking… dismal. I’m really struggling with this. When I’m at work during the day, exercise sounds GREAT. The thought of fresh air and a walk is invigorating and totally sounds like something I could do. But then I get out of work and the couch sounds like the best thing in the world. I was really ambitious about getting up early to work out in the mornings, but so far that hasn’t happened either. Depressing.

So, for this week I think I’d give myself about a C. Not great, but also an improvement from the F- that I deserved in the last few weeks.

Next week’s goals are to bring lunch from home (healthier AND cheaper – bonus!) and to find a damn way to exercise at least 2 days. Wish me luck!


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