Last night I arrived home to find that my very romantical boyfriend was making me a nice candlelit dinner. (Awww… also, Yum! Also, Wine!!) I love candles as much as I love Febreeze, which is to say that there are quite a few candles in our house and they are all lovely and yummy smelling.

Most of the candles are in the living room, which is also my ‘library’. I have pillar candles on top of the bookcases, kind of like these.

So, I’ve set the scene, right? Very nice, as Borat would say.


We’re not entirely sure what happened, and it’s not like there was a Kaboom or anything like the title of this post indicates – that’s just me being overly dramatic. But when we went to blow out the candles we were surprised to see wax dripping down the front of a bookcase… and all over the floor in little droplets that kind of feel like sand. The candle in question is now the size of a quarter.

We are mystified because it wasn’t too close to the edge, so it didn’t just fall. I’ve only lit these candles once before so it wasn’t burned too far down. If it just melted itself into a puddle I could understand – but there is wax on the floor a good 2 feet away. Matt proclaimed that it was clearly “high velocity spatter”, which says a lot about how many episodes of CSI we’ve seen.

This leaves me with two questions.

What the hell happened? And…

Does anyone know how to safely remove hardened candle wax from a hardwood floor without also removing the finish?


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  1. I’ve heard that you can get wax out of carpet by putting a paper bag on top of it and then ironing the bag. The iron heats up the wax and when it melts, it soaks into the paper. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why it wouldn’t work on hardwood floors just the same.

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