It’s snowing like a motherfucker outside. Am leaving early. Yessssss. Am leaving early to go home and have a BIG DRINK.

Maybe I will force Matt into making a fire, too. This could be problematic, as we have a lot of junk mail kindling but not so much actual wood.

(What? You don’t burn your junk mail? Totally better than shredding, I swear. Let them Identity Theft fuckers try to piece those ashes together. Also – no envelope opening required. Bonus.)

God. I really need that drink. Screw you, work week!


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One response to “Snowing!

  1. Jen

    I love that you said fuck twice in this post. You and I were meant for each other!
    I would say sucks to be you, but you seem to be the one making out like a bandit in this scenario. I am at work.
    Sucks to be me.
    Stupid Sunshine. Fucker.

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