Last night in dance class we learned a new move called the “Hammerlock”. It is part of Cha Cha and I think it’s called that because it involves me turning my arms so that they are locked behind me as I turn and then spin away from Matt. It is actually a supercool looking move and if nothing else it has an awesome name.

We got to our lesson a little bit early last night so we were watching one of the instructors give a lesson to some people who were there for the first time. She put on some music and encouraged them to practice what they had just learned – when she saw us standing there she asked us if we wanted to come dance, too. So, Matt and I headed onto the floor to practice our moves. As we were dancing we heard the other couple saying that we were really good and that they wanted to be able to do “fancy moves like us”. That is what is known as a HUGE ego boost, folks.

Sadly, last night was our last private lesson with our teacher. She recently moved pretty far away so she won’t be teaching there anymore. Matt and I are sad because we really just clicked with her from the beginning. She laughs with us and humors us when we ask her to teach us the moonwalk. We’re going to take a lesson with two different instructors over the next few weeks and see which one we like better – but I’m sure neither of them will compare to her.

We will still see her in a group class on Thursday night, where we plan to give her a copy of Strictly Ballroom. Because she has never seen it. And that just ain’t right, as far as I am concerned.



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2 responses to “Hammerlock

  1. Jen

    Hm. So apparently I missed the part where you and Matt are taking dance classes. Will have to go In Search Of.
    I think that sounds so fun!! I wanted to so bad, but sadly, Husband is Boring. No, really. So instead I opted for an art class. I just sit around and sketch ballerinas for fun. Bah.
    Bummer about her leaving tho. Im sure your new teacher will be awesome. And preferrably Hot, no?

  2. Jen

    Ha! Because my son Holdens Piano teacher has is Russian. We cant understand a word she says! yet, still, we learn how to play!

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