Your attention, please:

People, I know the lady on the weather forecast promised you that it would get close to 60 degrees today. I know that, although it has been a somewhat mild winter, it has also been a LONG winter. I know that recently it has gotten very cold, with punishing wind chills and a bitter cold.

I know that you are looking forward to pedicures and sandals and cute summer skirts.

I am looking forward to all of these things, too.


I had to SCRAPE FROST OFF OF MY CAR WINDOWS THIS MORNING. I wore a winter coat and gloves, because it is still 34 degrees outside. This is what your mom meant when she said to dress in layers because the temperature may change throughout the day.

Do you know what she did NOT mean?

She did not mean for you to wear flip flops and a miniskirt to work.

(In fact, you probably shouldn’t wear those things even once it really truly IS summer. But that’s a problem for another day.)

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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One response to “Your attention, please:

  1. Jen

    Gads…I hear ya, sister.
    Girls are stupid.

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