Not a chance in hell.

This morning, I saw a segment on the Today Show that made me cringe. This is the corresponding article.

Me? Go 21 days without complaining?

Not a chance in hell.

No one likes to think of themselves as a complainer. But I will admit that I kinda like to complain. I prefer to think of it as venting, a way to blow off steam. Maybe it’s not nice to gossip, or whine, but on the other hand… don’t we all need an outlet so that we aren’t bottling up all of life’s little grievances?

To all those people attempting the 21 day challenge, I say – is that even healthy? Are you sure that at the end of those 21 days, you aren’t going to just explode? I’m pretty sure I would.

A main part of the reason that I started this little blog was as an outlet to bitch about whatever injustices life was throwing my way. So – complainers unite!! Tell me your troubles! Here, I’ll go first.

List of things that I would like to complain about today (in no particular order):

  1. The toothpaste that I bought is kind of watery, so when I try to wet the toothbrush after putting the toothpaste on, it all just washes away.
  2. I have a hangnail on my pinkie finger that is annoying me greatly.
  3. Spam e-mail. Go away.
  4. It’s really cold and windy today. Brrr.
  5. The windy-ness makes it so that the sand in the parking lot at work blows in your eyes. Why do they feel the need to use copious amounts of sand? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to just PLOW THE SNOW???
  6. I forgot to bring my dry cleaning in AGAIN. Guess I’m never wearing that sweater again.
  7. Don’t tailgate me when I am already doing 20mph over the speed limit.
  8. The caf has complete crap for lunch again.
  9. My favorite pen stopped working.
  10. It’s only Tuesday and this week feels like it will never end.
  11. I’m tired.
  12. I’m hungry.
  13. I stubbed my toe last night (on the edge of a stair while walking up them) and it still hurts.
  14. I don’t like the pants I’m wearing today, because they shrunk, even though I have never put them in the dryer, and now they are a little bit too short.

I think you get the idea. Although, in my defense, it did take a LITTLE bit of effort to come up with that list. But 21 days without complaining? No way.

Wait – just one more:

15. I hate those stupid plastic bracelets. I especially hate that people wear ten of them to work and think it’s ok because the bracelet “supports” cancer or dead puppies or some other kind of disease. IT’S JUST A PIECE OF STUPID PLASTIC ON YOUR WRIST. If I got a pink leather miniskirt for supporting cancer, would that make it ok to wear to work???

Whew. I feel better now.

Bring on the complaining, dear readers…



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4 responses to “Not a chance in hell.

  1. -R-

    I hate that no matter how many times I use a lint roller on this pair of pants, I am -R- McLintyPants today. Aargh.

    FYI, you are applying toothpaste incorrectly. The correct way (aka my way) is to wet your toothbrush and THEN apply the toothpaste. Problem solved.

  2. Jen

    I agree with -R- about the toothpaste.
    I hate whiny people. Like Oh my life is so bad. Im the most tiredest person in the whole world. No one has ever had such rough time as me. Let me complain about it for ONE WHOLE MONTH. Er whatever.
    I love to bitch. Other than The Black Donnellys, its my favorite thing ever.
    But COME ON. GET OVER IT. JEEEEEEEEEEEEzus. Everybodys. Life. Sucks.

  3. Jen

    See? Ive been keeping that all pent up for like a week now. Thank you for allowing me the outlet. Now I will not have to hit the actual person that I thought I would!!

  4. It is 70 degrees out and yet I spend 8 hours at one job where I wear jeans, boots, long sleeves, and a sweater. Then I spend 4 hours at my second job where I add a hoodie to all of that. Grrrr.

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