Taxation Frustration

I started working on our taxes this weekend. Normally this is cause for celebration, because I get a bunch of money back. I always conveniently forget that the money was MINE in the first place, and that I bascially gave the government an interest free loan, because WHOO HOO EXTRA MONEY YAY!!!

This year is different. This year we bought a house. And by “we”, I mean myself and my boyfriend, who I am not married to, which means that we both file as single, and WHO THE HELL TAKES THE DAMN DEDUCTION????? No one I’ve spoken to can give me a definitive answer. Some people say we split everything, some say that whoever would get the bigger refund should take the whole thing. It’s all very confusing and and I am very paranoid about making sure that we do it correctly because if there is one thing I don’t need to be it is audited by the government.

My stubborn nature may be contributing a bit to the confusion. I REFUSE to believe that we need to pay an accountant to do our taxes. TurboTax was 40 bucks and it will have to do. With the exception of the house purchase, our taxes are not that confusing, and TurboTax is really a miracle product as far as I am concerned, so I see no need to pay someone to enter numbers for me…

…Except that I need the answer to this one question. Which means that I may have to resort to…


Do you feel my horror???

Although… a phone call to the IRS could make for a VERY AMUSING blog post…


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One response to “Taxation Frustration

  1. Jen

    Hmm. How do you hold title? Do you both split the payment? Do you both split the taxes?
    You can do your taxes both ways on Turbo Tax and only issue the one you want, you feel? Thats what we did with our son before we got married. Who should claim him? Who should get the benefit of having this kid and his daycare money?? Any takers?
    Turns out, Me. I got a bigger refund in the end. Turbo Tax cleared this all up for us. Do never call the IRS. They are ginormous a-holes.

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